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To see our shadows there must be light.... Earth Day 2020.

..... and one by one, 195 countries across our ocean planet had to evaluate, consider and decide on their national values, re-direct policy, take massive action and implement legislation, enforcement and a directive to secure their country's peoples wellbeing......

Were these national decision making processes guided by our shadow sides; fear: a moving away from something, or, our light: our trust; moving towards a new ideal; inspirational, elevated, led by the emergence and the "restoration of dignity amongst humanity and planet"?

Meanwhile, the magnifying glass shone fiercely on our global and planetary interconnectedness. Restricted and limited to national boundaries, we watched as economic systems floundered, ceased and collapse. Our economic interdependence came to a standstill; production, consumption and movement as we catapulted into collective uncertainty.

And, in its emergence an even wilder global interconnectedness; where 'experiences' and digital connection between one another has become our new currency.

In the still of isolation, in the return to our family systems we are quarantined to find pleasure in the maze of our mirrors reflecting our views of ourselves that we project out on to others.

As policies became effective; our rights to freedom challenged, we are left with this gift: an opportunity, to ask, earnest questions on what determines the quality of our lives, the values that we desire to stand for, and, to examine, perhaps, what no longer serves us, individually, nationally, collectively....?

I desire to live in a world where we recognize that the oceans that separate us physically, conversely unite us and work without national prejudice for our wellbeing; our weather systems that bring us clean air, rain, sunshine, a myriad of species working collectively fertilizing our soils, fields, forests and generously gifting us shelter and sustenance for our wellbeing.

I find that dream scary, as I recognize a collective existence of humanity based on an equitable field of benevolence requires the absence of my ego and an irrevocable sense of trust.

And, even though my ego whispers fearfully to safeguard my own certainty and drive my decisions for self; the promise of a new humanity; pulls me towards and forward, it compels me: I am powerless in its grasp, I am lost in it's utter uncertainty and, what that means for my own existence, is, to quite simply; believe, it is here, and, to trust.

19th April 2020. Barbados.

Written for Earth Day. Mother Earth & Father Sky.

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WeiLi Duan-Young
WeiLi Duan-Young
Mar 03, 2022

Love this so much!!


Beautiful xxxx

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