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Your Reclamation to ReWild



     Through the art of Coaching; based on the distinctive nuance that each one of us is whole, creative, resourceful and UN-broken. I love to hold space for clients as they Reclaim their truth.


     We explore Values, Purpose and celebrate the Light and Shadows, that make unique you. You get to design an empowered life lived on your terms and fueled by passion.


     Why do I dance? Movement has reconnected me to the myriad of daily emotions; grief, rage, joy, love, compassion, humility, shyness, courage, and vitality.

     In a world where the patriarchal culture has defined the glorious magnificent range of the feminine to a narrowly defined concept of a perceived 'acceptable' body shape, size, voice, and emotion;


      In a world where the sisterhood has been broken, where we have become catty & malicious to one another


     Movement, has brought me back ‘home’ to the unapologetic expression of my emotions through a safe space. It has reconnected me to the curves and sensuality of my body and brought me back to the joy of sisterhood.

“When we restore dignity in our feminine,

we can claim restoration of dignity

amongst humanity and planet.”

Jessica Bensley.


"Jessica is a beautiful soul.

She has the gift of guiding women through healing, sensual, feminine movement.

Through her approach -she is able to create

authentic community and within it- grant each individual woman

permission to move and shine.

Her practices are powerful and cathartic."

"Jessica, you embody and exude the Goddess feminine.

Thank you for teaching me that through movement I can express and heal.

This movement practice is something my words can't convey.

Thank you for teaching us that we hold energy in different parts of our bodies and

our feminine craves exploration and expression.

Thank you for always creating and encouraging us, and

creating that sacred container for us to fully

feel safe to express our own

divine Goddess."  

Julie Folcik

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